5 Qualities Of A Good Property Management Company

February 8, 2024

The vendor responsible for managing your property plays a critical role in the success of your real estate investment and in delivering top-notch service to the residents within your apartment communities. When looking to choose a good property management company, it’s essential to identify key traits that set exceptional firms apart, instilling owners with the assurance that they are aligning with a dedicated property management partner committed to ensuring investment success and delivering high-quality service to your residents.

Here are 5 essential qualities of a what makes a good property management company


#1 Expertise

When considering a multifamily property management company, it’s essential to evaluate the firm’s industry experience in the specific area where your portfolio is situated. Have they effectively managed properties near your portfolio’s location? Equally important is understanding the level of experience held by the leadership team in overseeing properties similar to yours. Inquire about their tenure in property management and seek testimonials and referrals to gain insights into the satisfaction of their past clients. A reputable management company should readily offer a list of contented clients eager to share their experiences.


#2 Strong Industry Relationships

Your property management partner should be able to streamline operations and drive cost savings at your property. This is achieved through their strong vendor relationships, honed through years of industry experience, which enable them to secure competitive pricing and reliable service. By leveraging these relationships, they can optimize operational efficiency and reduce expenses, ultimately boosting the NOI on your property.


#3 Accessibility and Communication

A reputable property management company prioritizes accessibility for both its clients and residents. It’s crucial to thoroughly assess the level of communication and accessibility offered by a potential property management partner before entering into a partnership. Opting for a firm that maintains open, transparent, and easily accessible communication channels concerning your property or portfolio guarantees that you are consistently well-informed and engaged in the management process.


#4 Offers Competitive Fee Structures

When examining the fee schedule for a potential property management partner, it’s important to ensure that it aligns with industry standards. On average, fees in the multifamily property management industry typically range from 3% to 4% of the property’s gross revenue. A good property management company will provide complete transparency regarding all fees to ensure you are making a well-informed decision.


#5 Full-Service Capability

A good property management company provides clients with comprehensive full-service capabilities, beginning with due diligence and extending to the execution of your specific business plan. Top-tier management companies effectively manage all facets of operations, including leasing, marketing, NOI (Net Operating Income) enhancement strategies, financial reporting, and other essential tasks. This holistic approach ensures that all aspects of property management are expertly addressed, leading to optimal performance and client satisfaction.


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