Carol Rowbotham

Carol Rowbotham

Floating Property Manager

Carol has been in this business for 25+ years and I am CAM-certified. She has had the opportunity to work for a REIT, a private company, a developer/management company, and now with Disrupt Management. With the REIT, she completed over 50+ inspections for due diligence and helped with the growth of the company in our division. In the private sector, she was the Director of Operations for 1,511 apartment homes and had 750 new units under construction along with a new clubhouse, pools, activity center, and a tennis court.

She has received multiple accolades which include a Humanitarian Award, Property Manager of the Year, the Property of the Year and have exceeded projections of growth when on-site.
Fun fact: Carol just happened to start in the business by working for her dad’s friend and it turned into a great career for her.
757 N Eldridge Pkwy Suite 900, Houston, TX 77079

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