Vidhi Mehta

Vidhi Mehta

Software Developer I

Vidhi is a dedicated Software Developer at Disrupt Management who is passionate about creating innovative solutions. With a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas, Vidhi’s journey reflects a commitment to learning and practical experience.

As a Software Engineer at HiFive Technologies, she played a crucial role in developing a cashless tipping solution for hotels, raising over $5k in gratuities. Her innovative approach optimized user experiences and reduced costs through AWS migration.

During her tenure as a Software Developer Intern at Amazon Web Services, Vidhi’s ingenuity shone as she streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency, leaving a lasting impact on projects ranging from web apps to system optimization.

Vidhi’s dedication extends beyond her professional achievements. As President of the UX Club at her university, she spearheaded remarkable growth and orchestrated industry-leading events. Beyond coding, Vidhi is an avid hiker, crocheter, and an enthusiastic traveler.
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